January 13, 2007

No matter how hard we try to keep our weekends clear so that we can get stuff done around the house there is no end to the “other” stuff that needs to be done as well.

We slept in a little this morning and then dad came over so that he and I could do some banking at the bank that he uses here in Geneseo.  We went over before ten thinking that it would only take a minute and it actually ended up taking over an hour and a half.  It was almost noon by the time we got back to the house in Geneseo and just as we were about to leave the bank I got paged from the office.

So we got to the house and I had to spend about an hour working before we could get lunch.  Right after we arrived at the house Dominica’s parents arrived with her brother’s Ford F150 pickup truck so that they could get mom’s old armoir to take back to Frankfort with them.  They disassembled the armoir while I worked and as soon as everyone was set at the office we went over to the Omega to all get lunch together.

After lunch we loaded the armoir into the truck.  That took about an hour or so to get it all to fit and then to get it all strapped down.  Both dad and Dominica’s parents took off at about the same time and Min and I settled in for a few hours of packing.

I am still mostly just working on getting the books sorted.  I think that I am doing pretty well at picking out books to dispose of rather than to store indefinitely.  It is a real challenge for me but I am improving.

At six this evening the Foxs – Craig and Vaneri (I hope that I am spelling her name right) came by.  We haven’t been able to visit with them in well over a year.  Maybe almost two years if that is possible.  The last time that we were all together they hadn’t had their baby, Michael “Z” Fox, yet and he is now fourteen months old.  I don’t think that Vaneri was very pregnant the last time that we all got together either.  I should really look through SGL and figure out when it was.

We hung around the house for an hour or so before we all went down to the Big Tree Inn on Main Street for dinner.  The place was actually completely packed and we had to wait a while for a table.  We ended up going for a five course meal and all ate ourselves sick.  But the food was excellent and we discovered that we really love their 2004 Valkenburg Gewürztraminer.

We didn’t realize it but we stayed at the restaurant for three and a half hours and were the last ones to go.  The Foxs visited at the house for another half an hour or so and then they headed for home.  We would have hung out longer but I have to be up at six in the morning so that I can meet Andy and Eric at the UofR at seven!  What a way to start a Sunday.

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