January 16, 2007: Back to the Office

After being away for five days it is hard to believe that I am back in the office again. That was almost like having an entire week off. Technically it was only four days off, Friday through Monday, and I got stuck working an hour on Saturday and a few hours on Monday, but still, in theory, it was a lot of time off.

Oreo didn’t get to walk as much as he had wanted to last night apparently and he got me out of bed in a panic to get outside just after four in the morning. I jumped out of bed and got dressed as quickly as possible and we ran like mad out to Military Park for his walk. Fortunately there is no traffic that early in the morning and we were able to sprint from the from door of the building all the way into the park without ever missing a beat. We got back to the apartment and he went back to bed with Dominica but I figured that I was all ready up so I might as well stay up. Going back to bed wouldn’t help very much that late.

I decided that since I was up that I would get my butt into the office nice and early. I got in before eight in the morning which is quite early for me when I am not covering the early shift.

As some of you know, Dominica and I have been considering my taking of a position in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There was an offer of a position a few months ago but that fell through. Recently there has been some talk of another position. Today I got the details and we now know enough about the situation in Belfast that we know that going there with the company that I am currently working for will not be a consideration. The pay rate options in the UK are just so much lower than here in the US that we just can’t take that much of a cut even if it means getting to live over there for several years. It would be career suicide. 🙁 Not to mention the fact that petrol is over $7 per gallon.

Today ended up being a very busy day. It has been a while since I have really been able to say that about work but I really got run ragged today. I barely had time to do anything and I was so busy that I ended up giving myself a headache. I did get a chance to run down to the cafeteria and to get myself an egg salad wrap.

My afternoon was busy too. Not as busy as my morning but still quite busy. By the end of the day I was quite tired.  I ended up working a little overtime today – an eleven hour day.  I had overtime on Saturday as well.  It is going to be busy all week I am guessing.

I got home around seven in the evening and had to run over to FexEx-Kinkos to send out an overnight package for Art and Danielle.  Dominica met me in the lobby of Eleven80 and we drove up the hill to IHOP to get some dinner.  Neither of us was in a mood for anything but breakfast.

After dinner we came home and made a short night of it going to bed before ten!

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