January 17, 2007: Feast Day of St. Anthony the “Swine Saint”

I got to sleep in a little this morning. I felt much better. Oreo was still completely exhausted from his one day at daycare at it was all that Dominica could do to get him dressed and off to school (err, I mean to get his harness on and get him to daycare.) While she was putting her shoes on he ran away and went back to bed in the hopes that she would forget him.

The office was completely crazy today. It is quite the change from that awesome month of doing almost nothing that we had going on in December and the first week of January. Now we are paying for all of that relaxing that we got to do.

If you love pigs then today is the perfect day to throw all of your personal favourite pigs and spend some time snoodling them. Apparently, and I am getting this from my word of the day calendar that I got from Joe and I am using it to fill my blog like thousands of other lazy bloggers are doing today, snoodling (or “to snoodle”) means to feed, scratch, rub and attend assiduously to pigs. Not animals in general. Just pigs, hogs, swine, etc. And today is the Feast of Saint Anthony who is the patron saint of pigs. Not of swineherders. Of pigs. I guess they traditionally must serve his feast in a trough.

The weather turned cold yesterday evening and winter has finally set in to New Jersey. Now I have to learn to deal with the cold again.

For people who have given up checking in on the site, The Jedi Council Blog is back up and running now that Bob has a working computer again.

Last night Rochester had yet another train issue as CSX derails in East Rochester. No wonder Amtrak takes so long to get from Manhattan to Buffalo!

Dominica found a great page at Slate listing the top questions asked of Slate in 2006.

I didn’t manage to leave work until seven and boy was I ready to go home.  I got to Newark and picked up Dominica in front of the apartment building and we immediately went out to get dinner as tonight is Dosa and Chat Night at the Udipi Cafe.  Dinner was good and it was half past nine by the time we got back to the apartment.

It was so late that I just checked my email and went to bed.  A very short night indeed.  There is a fair chance that I will have to work during the overnight shift tonight and I want to have some sleep in case that happens.

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