January 7, 2007

It was a short night for me. Oreo only went out once yesterday and he was up bright and early this morning needing to take a walk in the park. When he is at daycare all week he doesn’t get to go to the park very much and he really loves it now when I take him. He just runs all over smelling everything. He is so funny to watch.

Before going to bed last night I finished reading “The Pragmatic Programmer”. That is an excellent book that I recommend to any programmer.

Once Dominica was awake – a few hours after Oreo and I got up – we drove out to Harrison and looked at some condos there. They are quite nice and not done yet. A little more expensive than we had been anticipating but they were definitely interesting.

After looking at the condos we tried going to the Tops Diner for breakfast but, as always, the place was completely packed. We knew better than to go there but fooled ourselves into trying it. We left immediately and went to the IHOP in University Heights. The weight might be just as long but at least we know that the food will be good.

I spent the day working on the virtualization server and Dominica put in a bit of time studying and playing video games (mostly playing video games.)  Oreo was very quiet all day and pretty much just slept.  He appears to be a little bit sick we think but we aren’t sure.  He might just be tired.

It was a slow evening and we went to bed on the very early side.  Back to work tomorrow.  At least it is a very short week.

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