January 8, 2007: Plough Monday

I am guessing that none of you were aware that today was Plough Monday. Well, it is. The first Monday after Christmas (remember Christmas only officially ended on Saturday at dusk – the end of the twelfth day of Christmas.) SGL sure is educational, isn’t it?

I woke up this morning at half past two! I woke up partially because Oreo is the world’s biggest bed hog and I was struggling just to keep from falling out of bed. Oreo spent the entire night sleeping on my pillow and I had to rest my head on my arm. Once I was awake I was able to hear an alarm going off. Unfortunately it was not an alarm in our apartment. As far as I can tell it might not even be an alarm in our building, but I sure can hear it just fine. That kept me awake for a while so I decided that no one was planning on turning it off so I just got up and got moving on the day.

I got ready for work and then checked in with the office. I did some work starting around five and almost immediately had an outage to deal with and there went my morning. In addition to an outage at the office the Scranton Data Center went offline this morning for two hours taking my sanity with it. When it rains it pours. Oh yes, and it is raining quite hard this morning down here. It is still pretty warm but it is really raining.

I decided that with all of the issues going on that I needed to get into the office right away. So I waited until Dominica woke up at half past six and then I drove into the office. I am glad that this is going to be a short week or this would be a really bad omen of me facing a week of no sleep. At least I managed to get almost four hours last night. Better than nothing.

I am only in the office for three days this week which is awesome. Today and tomorrow should be more or less normal days and then Wednesday I will leave for Geneseo right from work with a quick pit stop in Scranton to drop off a server. I can’t wait to get that server into Scranton. One less thing to worry about. I need more stuff to be “just working” at this point.

I had a phone meeting with someone from the Masters of Science in Information Technology program at RIT today.  The plan is for me to begin classes on March 12th which is just a few weeks away at this point (okay, more a smartish-few but still quite soon.)

It was a stinky day in New York City today.  We didn’t notice anything out in our neck of New Jersey.  Apparently Newark is far enough away from NYC and Jersey City to escape the stench.

It was a busy day for me.  I was exhausted too having gotten so little sleep last night.  I left work at four and had a really quick commute back to Newark.  No traffic at all.  It was great.

When I arrived back home I had a package from Amazon.  My book “eXtreme Programming for Web Projects” had arrived which is perfect as I need a new book to start on.

Dominica and Oreo got home and we left almost immediately to go to Food for Life for some dinner.  They have started offering tilapia as a replacement to the whiting that they have always had.  I like whiting but Dominica doesn’t like it at all and is really excited to be able to get their meals with tilapia.

After dinner it was back to the apartment for studying and server building.  This has become the focus of our time and will continue to be so for several weeks more.  I did manage to get two virtual machines built this evening.  That worked out really well.  The new VMWare server is going to work very well indeed, I think.

We decided to go to bed very much on the early side tonight.  I am exhausted from last night and want to be useful at the office tomorrow.

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