Apple Takes a Stand on DRM

Steve Jobs at Apple writes Thoughts on Music today and everyone should read it.

DRM or Digital Rights Management effects us all and it is something that every American should be acutely aware of. DRM is becoming pervasively more and more a part of our lives and, if allowed to continue down its current path, will significantly impact the value that Americans will be able to derive from all media in the future. DRM serves to reduce the rights of Americans, not to enhance it. It is a step backwards. It is a step into 1984

Right now we stand on the edge of a brave new world. As Americans we can embrace this new world and step bravely forward into the twenty-first century and be a pioneer for the world. Or we can cling to the dark ages and hide our heads in the sand* and let the digital revolution count us as another casualty lining the shoulders of the information superhighway.

* I acknowledge that ostrich put their head in the sand to search for water and not to hide from enemies like children are often taught but I use this as a literary example rather like irony. Irony is used one way for people who understand the English language and another way (as coincidence) for people who study literature and cannot grasp the complexities of the lexicon. This, in and of itself, may be irony.

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