February 6, 2007: Josh Returns to New Jersey

Dominica ordered Chinese take-away for dinner last night so that was quick and easy. Oreo was still restless but he is feeling much better had he didn’t cough all day. In fact, he hasn’t coughed since first thing yesterday morning so today he gets to go back to daycare. It is really obvious that he is looking forward to getting back to daycare. He gets so bored if he is home too long. Once he is all rested up he really wants to get back so that he can play with his friends.

Min was playing Kingdom Hearts II when I got home. She managed to play for two hours tonight. She really loves the Kingdom Hearts games. We watched a little bit of The Family Guy and then Oreo needed me to take him outside. Boy was it ever cold. We ran through the park as quickly as we could so that we could get back to the warm apartment as soon as possible.

Once we were back in the apartment it was time to clean. It was a short evening since I had gotten home so late. It was almost eight by the time that I got home 🙁 So I didn’t get to play any Dragon Quest VIII like I had wanted.

Once we were wrapping up our cleaning spree I ended up getting paged out because of a production outage and I had to get to work. That was around nine thirty. I had to work a lot longer than I would have guessed that I would have to have. That made for a really boring night. I had to spend a lot of time sitting on a conference call to discuss the outage. I had to work until after ten thirty. So much for my evening. Then it was time to head off to bed.

Oreo was very excited to be going to day care this morning. He was up and out of bed without having to be asked and wasn’t about to let Dominica leave without him today.

I worked from home a little this morning, grabbed breakfast at Food for Life and headed into the office.

A diaper wearing, adulteress NASA astronaut drive from Houston to Orlando to abduct and maybe kill her illicit lover’s girlfriend! Now seriously, what kind of screening do we do in the US Armed Forces that we have these types of people in high ranking Navy, Air Force and NASA positions? Do we really feel that people with this level of immorality and mental instability represent the finest people to defend our nation? I don’t want these people working as janitors in our nation’s schools let alone flying multi-billion dollar research projects and deciding who to kill and who not to kill. Even in their regular social life the life and death decisions aren’t coming so easily. And isn’t a person willing to cheat on their spouse (to whom the made a pact before God) also willing to cheat on their country (to whom they made a pact before God?)

In Rochester news in the midst of a flurry of, well, flurries Kodak announces that it is entering the ink jet market. This is an interesting move that I can only imagine has some ties to the fact that a major printer manufacturer, Xerox, is located right across town and provides access to a large number of now out of work printer engineers as Xerox has gone through heavy layoffs just as Kodak has. Still, one has to wonder if the low-margin inkjet margin that is completely dominated by Hewlett-Packard is really a wise move for floundering Kodak. Kodak says, according to eWeek, that they will profit on both the printers and the ink but will sell the ink much less expensively than other printer makers do since other printer makers generally take a loss on the printers themselves and earn all of their profits on their ink (much like video game console makers.)


A study came out today that states that sixty percent of children are exposed to pornography online (and apparently a few of them weren’t even looking for it.) This begs the obvious question, of course, of what percentage of children are exposed to pornography offline? I mean seriously. Between skimpy clothing fads (often worn in school), school uniforms (practically the symbol for the porn industry) and beachwear – all of which fall clearly within the realm of pornography – not to mention television and print advertising, magazines put within improper reach, movies rated based on questionable criteria, etc. is it really possible that less than sixty percent of children don’t see porn in real life? Doesn’t this therefore mean that we are doing a better job of protecting our children online than we are in real life? The fact that people are upset by this study shows that we are living double standards. Just because the porn is digital suddenly we are up in arms but the naked people walking down the street are fine. It really has to be one way of the other.

Speaking of NASA Astronauts and children finding porn on the Internet, the newest laser sighted rape device (aka taser) is now available. Nothing like a device that leaves no marks and incapacitates your victim to make robbing or worse, easy. Now in pink.

Don’t forget to claim your long distance excise tax on your 2006 US Income Taxes this year! Finally – some of our hard earned money back!

Today while reading Wil Wheaton dot Net I realized that I am starting to recognize where he gets some of his ideas from when I knew that he was inspired by Monday’s XKCD cartoon in the first sentence of his post. I guess that this is “blog bonding” or something.

Josh arrived at the apartment around a quarter to five. The plan is to go out to dinner someplace tonight and just hang out so I am posting quite early so that I don’t have to worry about the daily. It is currently five and I hope to be out of the office by five thirty which will put me at home about the same time as Dominica.

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