February 10, 2007: jRPG Day

Since we didn’t travel back home this weekend we have some time to relax this weekend. Our goal for today is totally, unadulterated relaxation. And, I think, we were wildly successful.

Last night, before going to bed, I put in some long hours and finally finished playing Lunar Legend for the GBA. That is a very good, traditionally styled jRPG. Quite enjoyable and not too difficult. Overall far too linear but still quite fun. I am looking forward to playing other Lunar games. I really wish that Lunar 2: Eternal Blue would get a GBA make over. That would be great. But alas, it is not likely to happen, and so the only way for me to play it is to find an old Playstation copy of the game used on eBay which is rather expensive as it is a rather classic title.

Dominica played a ton of Kingdom Hearts II today until she got to one part that was dramatically harder than everything else that she had done in the game up until this point and she got frustrated which worked out well for me because it allowed me to play Dragon Quest VIII for the rest of the evening. That game continues to be awesome.

We went out shopping this evening looking for a television stand. We have re-evaluated our living room arrangement and have decided that our setup is not very conducive to the way that we live. Our current furniture arrangement does not utilize the space well at all and is a horrible waste of space. So we looked hard into a number of options and decided that we needed to be setup better oriented towards playing video games and working on our computers which are the only two big activities that we do there. So we need a television stand as we have a spot to actually put the living room television. The long term plan is to get a new television for the living room and to move the current one into our bedroom. But for now it will be the living room television.

We were unable to find anything that we liked for the television that matches our apartment so we ended up returning home basically empty handed. The hope had been to run out quickly and to get a television stand and to spend the evening re-arranging the living room.

We got home and decided to do some re-arranging anyway. We took our larger printer stand that we have been using in our bedroom as a closet extension and put that in the “hidden” part of the living room to hold the router, cable modem, phone and printer. Then the shorter printer stand was moved in front of the book shelf along the north wall and the television was placed there. Now we have turned what was a single, large “L” shaped living room into two smaller rectangular rooms. The strange thing is that instead of losing a lot of space it really feels like we have quite a lot more space.

Dominica went to bed a little after normal but I stayed up for a while playing Dragon Quest VIII because I am totally addicted!

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