February 11, 2007: Dragon Quest VIII Day

Oreo got me up as he does every Sunday just after eight in the morning. He acts as though he needs to be taken outside to make sure that I get up right away but then he just runs out to the living room and lays in the sun. He has learned to time it so that he gets me out of bed just minutes before the sun is in a position for him to be all toasty so that he doesn’t miss any sun time.

Today is Dragon Quest VIII day. Dominica is still tired of Kingdom Hearts II after they put in that silly, long and very frustrating “Tron” section so she retired to the futon with Oreo and spent most of the day watching me play DQ8.

Today is our first day trying out the new furniture arrangement in the living room and the verdict is that we really like it. Dominica found a television stand from Walmart online that she really liked and ordered it. So we should be moving away from the tacky wire-frame printer stand and to a simulation wood television stand in a week or two.

The Mazda is not in good driving condition as its bearings are beginning to go so we are attempting to avoid driving it as much as possible until we can get it into the shop to get the bearings fixed. So today is “staying in” day which is great for me as I have possession of the PS2 for most of the day. I put in pretty much a full day of video gaming. It is amazing how much less expensive a good video game can be than a movie or something else similar. DQ8 was only about twenty dollars but will provide a lot of entertainment value. This game is very cinematic and really gives a good feel as if you are interacting with a movie. The cell shading is absolutely gorgeous and the game really feels like you are living in an anime film.

Dragon Quest IX has been announced in the last several weeks but is not coming to one of the new consoles but is instead going to be targeted at the Nintendo DS. The DS is awesome and I love it but I don’t know how excited I am about a cell shaded Dragon Quest sequel going to it when the cinematic qualities of the last one are so phenomenal. What I really want to see is DQ9 going to the PS3 or, even better, to the PC with full 1080p output and everything so that we can see just how amazing this stuff can look.

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