February 12, 2007: Working from Home on a Monday

I was up nice and early this morning and had to immediately get to work on an office emergency. I was planning on going into the office today but that didn’t end up happening. I was so busy all day that I ended up being stuck working from home all day. It turned into a really long day and I didn’t actually quit working until one in the morning!

It wasn’t an absolutely solid day of work like it sounds but I never really got any time off. I had to babysit a recovery process and only quit when I did because Optimum online went down and didn’t come back soon enough so I just went to bed so that I could get up and continue tomorrow.

I did get a chance to play a little Dragon Quest VIII today. Not a lot but a little and that was enough to keep me happy. I am a little over twenty hours into the game now and supposedly it should have about ninety hours of gameplay. My game clock was at twenty-five hours by the end of the day but a lot of that time was caused by me playing and having to leave the game running during conference calls and emergencies and other things that keep happening while I am playing. Several hours have been run up on the clock without me actually playing so I am estimating that I can’t be over twenty percent through the game thus far.

Dominica went out and picked up fish tacos from Chevy’s for dinner on her way home which worked out really well. We ate dinner and watched several episodes of The Facts of Life Season One from 1979. TFOL is a spin off of the really bad show Diff’rent Strokes but was far better than its parent show and actually lasted a bit longer as well do mostly to the acting talents of Lisa Welchel who had more acting talent than the entire Diff’rent Strokes cast combined. I think that the producers figured out that DS just didn’t have the acting depth to be able to last and even though they attempted to build TFOL using the same formula they looked for someone to lead the cast who could actually portray emotion on the screen and balance out Charlotte Rea’s completely insane performance that threatened to drag everything around it into the mire.

We are continuing to enjoy the new living room layout and are looking forward to putting in the real television stand with front door that will hide the PS2 and the DVD player.

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