February 21, 2007: Preparing for the Cricket World Cup

Today is a busy maintenance day around our apartment. The exterminators will be in to do their usual preventative stuff. But the big news is that the closet door guys are coming in to take a look at the hall closets that do not close. We have been putting up with that annoyance for six whole months now! And it isn’t just us. Apparently it is a lot of people and it was supposed to have been taken care of right as we moved in. Six months is way too long to have pushed off dealing with such a simple problem.

Winter broke today and it is very warm here. Very warm indeed. The Weather Channel says that it is currently over fifty degrees here! That is quite the change from the arctic temperatures and feet of snow piled up in Frankfort that we experienced all weekend.

Half a dozen of the guys from the office went out for some curry for lunch today.  While we were there we got to talking about the Cricket World Cup which everyone was really exciting about.  The cup competition begins very soon and is, for the US readers, an actual world cup played for by countries from all over the world and is not a fake international competition run by a company controlling each of the teams.  This is like the Football (aka Soccer) World Cup but the Cricket World Cup is skewed more towards countries that were still associated more closely with the British empire more recently than the United States and Canada who have been independent enough long enough to not really play the game.  Few Americans even know what cricket is.  Probably under one percent of the population if I was to guess.

All of the guys at work are very excited about the cup and several people are getting the satellite feeds of the matches which is extremely expensive.  It was brought up that I am a bit of a hi-fi and home theatre specialist and so everyone wanted to know what I thought should be done for a big powerful Cricket watching system.

A group of us left the office this afternoon to head down to Greenbrook to do some stereo shopping.  The person who is hosting the major “office” Cricket theatre ended up picking up a pair of B+W speakers and tomorrow is planning to get a new Marantz receiver to power them.  Next week I am going down to his house to help set up the theatre and to start painting the wall to get ready for a new projector.   So much of the afternoon was spent dealing with that.  By the time that everyone returned to the office it was almost time to head for home.

I was really tired when I got home tonight after barely sleeping at all last night.  I did a little work online and then headed to bed quite early.  Oreo was exhausted too and came right to bed with me and left Dominica in the living room watching the third series of Angel which I would like to see but have just been either too busy or too tired to watch very much of.

My schedule is changed this week and I am going into the office tomorrow but will be working from home on Friday instead.  That will be really handy for getting out of the office early and getting up to Geneseo as soon as Dominica is able to get home from work which will be extra early as she does not have to drive to Wallington to pick up Oreo.

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