February 22, 2007

Today was a very busy day for me. Just a ton of stuff going on all day long. I barely ever got a chance to relax at all. It turned out that it was the perfect day for me to come into the office instead of working from home. Busy work from home days are a waste. Not only that but one of my managers from the UK flew in to meet me (and other people) today.

Oreo was super snuggly last night as he has been the last few days. He has his moods. He was surprisingly not too tired this morning and was ready for his last day of daycare this week. Normally his day to spend with me is Thursday but his schedule is so off from this past weekend that I am pretty sure that he thinks that today is Wednesday so he is expecting to be staying home with me tomorrow.

I got into the office and pretty much had to hit the ground running the moment I arrived. It was a crazy busy day.

Chalk this up to “I just don’t understand Japanese culture” but now they have a restaurant that creates an entire “person” made out of food (presumably not made from people but as Soylent Green showed – we could be mistaken) and the people at the table eat them like cannibals. Inside the fake person are fake intestines and bleeding flesh – the whole nine yards. Everything is edible. The weirdest part about this (I guess – I mean really how can you judge relative weirdness at this level) is that they are serving a fake RAW person. I think cannibals typically cook their food. Just a hunch. I haven’t done research.

Today was quite busy all day long.  It passed very quickly as I never had a chance to relax at all.  After work I drove down to South Brunswick with some friends and we out for Indian food and drinks.  We had a really good time.  I am working from home tomorrow and as soon as Dominica gets home we are driving home to Geneseo.

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