February 26, 2007: The Snow in Scranton Fails Poorly on the Plains

Dominica and I slept in until almost nine this morning. By the time that we got up the roads seemed to be getting a lot better and we felt that we should be able to get back to New Jersey without too much hassle. The snow plows were not out last night so driving was perilous but today it would appear to be fine. We ate breakfast from the continental breakfast offerings in the lobby.

It was about ten when we finally got onto the road and we made good time back to Newark. Dominica got ready for work as quickly as she could and was out the door by just after one. So she managed to get a full half day of work in and is hoping to be able to make up the rest of the time throughout the week by working through her lunches which should be an option since they are short-handed this week at her office.

I got ready for work after Dominica left but did work from home in the interim as I had done early this morning and last night from the hotel. I decided that it would be best to just eat and then go into work so as not to waste any additional time once I got there. So I ran over to Food for Life for a Tuna BLT sandwich.

While I was at Food for Life a man came in to order take out that I thought looked very familiar.  We started talking and he sat down at the “bar” (FFL has a diner style breakfast bar that I normally eat at when I am alone) and we talked for a while while we were waiting for our food to be prepared.  It only took me a minute to realize that it was Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark.  We had a really nice chat before he had to take off.  He is a busy guy.

I put in almost a half day physically in the office.  I came home and Dominica made an organic hamburger helper sort of thing that was pretty good.  Quorn as the protein it was a lasagna sort of product.  But only barely.  But it was pretty tasty.

We watched Angel and relaxed after a lot of driving and rushing around today.  Then it was time for bed.

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