February 25, 2007: 31!

Yup, it’s my birthday. Thirty-one years old today.

I got up with seven hours of sleep and started in on the packing again. There is just so much to do. Dominica slept in quite a bit today. She has been exhausted all weekend. The morning packing went pretty well.

A little after noon dad came over and picked us up and we went over to the Omega Grill and met Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo, Sara and Jeremy for my birthday lunch. We had a good time hanging out. We were probably there for close to two hours.

Dad came over and hung out again at the house while the packing continued. We packed until about three thirty. At the “end of the day” our verdict is that the packing seems to be going pretty well. There really isn’t that much left to go and we are feeling very good about the progress. After next weekend we should be in really good shape with almost nothing left to worry about.

We were on the road by four thirty which was about exactly when I had wanted to be. We were a little concerned about the weather but it seemed pretty good as we left. By the time that we reached Elmira we were hitting some heavy snow fall and by the time we were halfway to Binghamton the driving was getting pretty bad and we were starting to get concerned about being able to complete the drive.

As we headed south into the Endless Mountains region the weather rapidly worsened and we needed some travel assistance. We called dad and he checked the radar and saw that Newark was at the center of the storm and that our drive was going to get worse the entire way to there. So we started looking for a hotel near Scranton. Dad found that the Comfort Inn in Clark Summit had Internet access and accepts Boston Terriers so we headed right there. By the time that dad found the hotel we were just two miles away from the exit. It worked out perfectly.

So we pulled into the hotel after eight and settled in for the night. We tried to get dinner from the Bennigans that is right next door but they closed early and wouldn’t make us food for take out even though they hadn’t technically closed yet 🙁 So we ordered our standard Dominos hotel meal and just relaxed in the hotel and watched the Food Network. Dominica called into her office’s snow line and let them know that she might not make it in tomorrow and I emailed into my team to let them know that I would be working from the hotel tomorrow. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see how the storm goes to know whether or not we can continue on to the apartment in Newark or if we have to remain in Scranton for another night as the weather is supposed to be pretty rough tomorrow as well.

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