February 3, 2007: Video Game Buying Spree

As has become our habit on Saturday mornings, we got up late and went right over to Food for Life for breakfast. Occidental pockets and pancakes. Yum.

Dominica was totally exhausted today and spent most of the day napping. She was “sleeping” on the futon or in the bedroom for at least six hours after I got up and possibly quite a bit more. She pretty much slept until eleven, got up and we went to breakfast, then came home and went back to bed. I woke her up around six in the evening and then we went out to do some shopping.

We went north towards Nutley and got Oreo a humidifier (shaped like a cow) from Bed, Bath and Beyond. We went to GameStop to get some games too while we were out. Dominica decided that she really wanted a PlayStation 2 so that she could play games like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and Guitar Hero. They are pretty cheap now so we bought one and got Dance, Dance Revolution SuperNova with the dance pad and Kingdom Hearts 2 for Dominica. I got Final Fantasy X and Dragon Quest VIII for myself. I have never played any of the Dragon Quest series and this one is supposed to be amazing so I am really looking forward to it. I also got the only game that I am currently interested in for the XBOX 360: Enchanted Arms. There are a few games coming out in the future that look good like Blue Dragon and Assassin’s Creed but right now Enchanted Arms looks to be the only thing on the 360 that has any hope of being good. But Creed in going to be available on the PS3 so I am probably going to wait to get it for that as that will most likely be the primary platform with the best game play and graphics.

We came home and hooked up the PS2 and played a little of each game to try it out. I think that we are going to have a lot of fun with the system.

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