February 4, 2007: Relaxing and Playing PS2 RPGs

It is Super Bowl Sunday. And today I managed to make it all day without ever once even hearing who was in the game. And after the game was over I never heard who won. I heard nothing. Not a thing. And it was good.

Oreo got me out of bed early this morning to take him into the living room and get him set up in the sunlight. He has learned that sunny weekends means that there is a lot of bright spots in the living room for him to lay in and he wakes me up to take him out there. It is very cute. He spent the entire morning sleeping in the sun like a pat of butter.

I had office work that had to be done so I started on that and had plenty of time to work on it while Dominica slept. Today is mostly a relaxing day. Oreo needs his rest although he seems to be improving a lot. He only coughed once or twice all day and that was just in the morning.

We watched some DVDs today and Dominica played some of Kingdom Hearts 2. I got a chance to play just a tiny bit of Dragon Quest VIII but it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Dominica made sandwiches for lunch and we just stayed in.
Josh is coming out on Tuesday evening and is just planning on staying for one night. So we will be hanging out with him on Tuesday night. On Wednesday night Dominica and I also have some dinner plans. We will be going out to Mompou with a friend from the office.

We drove out to IHOP tonight during the game when we figured the world would be quiet. That worked out well. We were able to go out and didn’t have to deal with any number of crowds.

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