March 16, 2007: Snow Returns

I found this hilarious Japanese instructional video on using the bathroom for small children. This is some seriously funny stuff. It isn’t translated but I think you can figure out what is going on.

Well the snow that we thought was gone for good is back with a vengeance today. We decided that there is so much snow going on between Newark and Geneseo that, once again, it would be foolish to drive all of the way back to Geneseo just to do one real day worth of packing and then come right back down here again. So instead we are waiting until next weekend. Dominica took Friday off so we know for sure that we are able to come up on Thursday night.

Dominica and Oreo left for work just minutes before I had to jump onto a call to support a production outage at the office. I was stuck on the phone for over three hours! That meant that it was going to be quite late before I would be able to go to work and it was decided that it would be best if I just stayed home and worked from there. So my weekend has sort of turned into a four day weekend which is pretty cool – if only I could have spent it packing instead of being stuck in Newark where there isn’t all that much for me to do.

I ran over to Food for Life around half past eleven to get some lunch. Then at half past one I drove up to Wallington to pick up Oreo from daycare so that Dominica wouldn’t have to do the extra driving to get him. It took me half an hour to get up there and half an hour to get back. The roads are really awful. It was quite difficult driving in the PR5 which only has summer sport tires on it. We really were not expecting another snow this year. And the suspension is about to go in the PR5 too, we think, which isn’t helping anything either. It is a really good thing that we are not trying to make it to Geneseo tonight. There is no way that we should be driving that far in that car.

Dominica was able to leave work just a little before three in the afternoon. They were letting everyone go early (Dominica is the last support person on in the evening) because of the weather. My office was clearing out too. No one wants to drive in weather like this during rush hour if they can help it and it is best to get the driving in while the sun is up as well.

Dominica got home safely and we decided to make it a relaxing evening. I had to work from home until about eight but then we got the chance to just relax for the rest of the evening.

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