March 17, 2007

Since we don’t have to pack and move everything in our Geneseo house this weekend Dominica, Oreo and I are just relaxing in Newark. We were able to get up early enough to walk over to Food for Life for breakfast. Dominica was feeling lazy so I just called over and ordered breakfast and walked over and picked it up.

The weather is much warmer today. Even though we got heavy snows yesterday today it is so warm that I can comfortably walk around outside in just a fleece. It isn’t “warm” but it is pretty mild for being cold.

Mostly we relaxed today. We never got the car at all to leave home. We just spent the day doing things around the apartment. There is plenty of work for me to do as the house closes in just over a week. Getting everything transferred over to Scranton is an ongoing challenge that is going to completely exhaust me this week.

This weekend we managed to finish watching Remington Steele. I loved the show for the first four seasons but the fifth season, I think, was really weak and didn’t help the show much. I am not sure if they changed the format because they had been canceled or it they were canceled because they changed the format but either way the final season was not a good conclusion for the show. The biggest issues were that the characters changed way too much and the format changed too much making the final season stand out as not really being a part of the real show. It was weird. It is too bad that they did that. It was like they had run out of ideas and didn’t know how to wrap up the show quickly enough and they panicked. Otherwise it was an outstanding series.

We also got a chance to watch The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Dad had told us that it was really good and that Ashton had done an amazing performance. I have liked Ashton since he was on That ’70s Show but he is definitely maturing and becoming a really incredible actor. I think that we are likely to see a lot of good stuff come from him over the next twenty years.

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