March 23, 2007: Packing Day One

I managed, somehow, to wake up without an alarm at a quarter to eight this morning. Less than four hours of sleep. I didn’t feel all that great but I managed to pull myself out of bed just the same.

I had a lot of work to be done for the office this morning so I got right to work on that. I don’t have the day off today – I am just working from Geneseo. But we are bound to be more productive being here all day rather than in Newark.

Dominica slept in for several hours as she didn’t get much sleep last night either. Dad came over mid-morning and once I got a window in which I could escape from sitting directly in front of the computer we took it and all ran over to the Omega Grill for a really late breakfast or fairly normal lunch.

Between being a normal office day and having one email disaster after another to deal with I was very busy all day long. I hardly had any chance to get anything done around the house.

After lunch there was a lot of packing and work to be done.  The whole day was extremely busy as we expect all of the weekend will be.  For dinner we just ran over to the Shang Hai in Geneseo and had the buffet.

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