March 25, 2007: Final Day of Packing (for Scott and Dominica)

Going to bed really early last night was a good idea as we were both still quite tired this morning.  There is so much work left to be done it is unbelievable.  We have been working on this house for so long.  It is really hard to fathom how much stuff we had to pack.  We are sending as much as we can to the church rummage sale.  And the pile going to the church is getting quite large.  They aren’t going to know what to do with all of this stuff.

Dad came over at eleven, after Sunday school, and we went over to the Omega for breakfast.  We couldn’t hang out very long though since there is so much yet to be done so it was back to the house and more packing to go.

In addition to packing today there is also one server left running in Geneseo that has to be dealt with today.  That took a long time.  I had to prep it for shutdown and then move it and some other equipment over to Pavilion.  That took almost two hours out of the middle of the day.  But finally it is done.  Nothing still running in Geneseo!  Now we can shut off that really expensive commercial DSL line there.  What a drain that has been.

I returned to Geneseo and we packed all afternoon.  It was after seven before we decided that we were as far as we were going to get and loaded up the Mazda and headed back to Newark.  We arrived in Newark around two in the morning.  Dominica went to bed but I had a lot of homework that was due by today for my grad class at RIT so I stayed up until almost six in the morning working on that.  But at least I got a ton of it done.  This is going to be a really long week!

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