March 26, 2007: Living in Newark

Today is the first day of never seeing our first home again. Weird. It will take a while for that to sink in – assuming that the house actually closes as planned.

Dad, aunt Sharon and uncle Leo put in a combined twelve hours getting stuff out of the house in Geneseo today. A lot of that went into taking away the stuff for the rummage sale at the church and taking apart the bed that Art built. What a project that must have been.

Kodak has resigned from the Better Business Bureau. The collapse is almost complete. Kodak has been “thrashing” attempting to find some sort of footing as its market erodes from under its feet. It is so sad that Kodak wasn’t able to find any viable market to move into when analogue film started to disappear.

I got about one hour of sleep last night. That didn’t make for the brightest of days. I was pretty busy all day and got home a little after seven. Dominica had to spend the evening working on her classwork for her Systems Analysis and Design class. I spent the evening porting ancient ASP applications to PHP. Simple stuff but it took all evening. But I am very glad to have it all done. One less thing that I have to worry about hanging over my head. I am slowly knocking these things out.

I had enough work that I wasn’t able to turn in until after midnight. So much for catching up on any rest. At least I really get to sleep tonight.

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