March 27, 2007: An Empty House

This morning dad met the moving company at the house in Geneseo and supervised the emptying of the house. By one this afternoon they were done. It is hard to believe that our house is empty again. We moved all of that stuff into there in July of 2003. And now it is out.

I learned today that, not surprisingly, Radio Disney has been promoting torture, killing and racism. It is amazing that the FCC allows Radio Disney to stay on the air. As Disney is seeking legal measures to cover up any reporting on what Disney considers appropriate programming for children (they legal force anyone repeating their on air vomiting to be silenced under so called “copyright” laws which are not supposed to prevent news reporting) people have begun to go after AT&T who pays for the time slot. That means AT&T and Cingular subscribers and others need to think long and hard about what types of minority hatred they are funding with their cellular subscriptions or long distance plans. Companies with this type of agenda have no place in this country. I hope that the American public wakes up and does something about it. The type of rants heard on Radio Disney are clearly the voices of terrorist seeking to strike fear into the hearts of Americans. In a time when the US government is willing to remove any amount of our civil liberties under the guise of anti-terrorism how it is possible to have a group so clearly attempting to garner support for illegal, quasi-military terrorist actions via the public’s airwaves is unthinkable.

In positive news, In-N-Out Burger pulled advertising from Radio Disney upon learning exactly what type of content their money was being used for. Good for them. I bet their customers appreciate knowing that their burgers aren’t paying for something evil. I wish that AT&T felt that their customers cared so much.

I decided that since it is now Spring that it is now time to move away from SGL’s winter theme and onto something more, well, green. Time for life to renew itself once again.

I got home and Dominica sent me over to Food for Life again to pick up dinner and bring it home.  She did a bit of homework before we had dinner and then we watched a little of the third season of the Facts of Life.  I had a lot of work to do tonight so I didn’t get much chance to relax.

I ended up working until three in the morning but got a ton of work done.  My big triumph for the night was installing SSL-Explorer which is an SSL VPN solution.  I have been wanting to try it for a while but have not had an opportunity or a burning need but that has changed in the last year so I thought that I would give it a try to see how far that I could get.  It took several hours to get it up and running correctly on SUSE 10.2 but it worked and I am very excited to get to put it through its paces tomorrow.

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