March 28, 2007: Another Allergy Day

I had to get up a little earlier than usual this morning and go down with Dominica and Oreo and help Min get a urine sample from Oreo for her to take to his vet at the Rutherford Animal Hospital so that we can find out how he is coming along. So that cut another half an hour off my already short night. This has been the week of no sleep for both dad and I. Me with work and him with working on our house in Geneseo.

The tentative closing date on the house remains this Friday but it is looking unlikely that they will be ready to close by that time. I found out this morning that I will not need to be at the closing in person and that I can take care of all of the paperwork from my end via parcel post which will make my weekend a world easier. I had no idea how I was going to manage getting up to Rochester this weekend in addition to everything else that needs to be done. I really just want to get some sleep at this point. I am going to need a vacation very soon.

I had a big scare this morning and spent most of the day being pretty sure that I had to leave from the office to drive out to Pittsburgh, work all night (or at least a couple of hours) and then drive back to New Jersey so that I could work all day without any sleep at all if I even managed to make the drive. But they called this afternoon and it looks as though I don’t have to go down there today. Oh boy do I hope that I don’t have to drive there today.

Today was actually quite slow at work. Almost nothing happened and I spent a lot of my time waiting on other people for resources that I needed. I took advantage of the opportunity to work on SSL-Explorer and managed to get a fair amount of stuff working with it. The biggest wins are that I now have instant messenger access back to home, SSH access and a remote desktop. I don’t have NX working which would be the best and I don’t have HTTP Forwarding yet but one thing at a time. Today qualifies as a pretty major victory.

Today is another one of my weird and as yet unexplained “allergy days”. These new allergies are completely baffling me. I have heard from many sources here that New Jersey is the land of allergies and that almost everyone who moves here has never had them before and gets them after a few months of living here. Mine started around August or September, if I remember correctly. They are strange. They come upon be quite suddenly. I can’t find any correlation between fresh air or stale air, warm weather or cold, open windows or air conditioning or heat, etc. I can’t even find a correlation between being in New York or New Jersey. Generally I wake up in the morning with it and it last for two to three days. And it is nothing more than an insanely runny nose. I don’t understand it at all. Having lived my entire life without any allergies at all and then getting hit with these so quickly seems unlikely. And they manifested themselves for the very first time during a trip back home to Geneseo but since then have almost always been in New Jersey.

YouTube (Google) announced the first YouTube Awards which are probably well worth checking out.

I was able to escape the office at a reasonable time and was home just a little after six.  Dominica did some shopping after work and she and Oreo weren’t home until long after seven.  We spent the evening just relaxing and enjoying having an evening when we didn’t have to frantically try to get tons of work done.  It was a good change.  It was off to bed early.  Tomorrow is looking like it will get to be a doggie – daddy day for Oreo and I.  He is very much looking forward to it.

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