March 3, 2007

Ah the weekend. Dominica is spending the weekend working on studying for her A+ and getting ready for her next college class: Systems Analysis and Design. I think that she is going to enjoy this class. Of course they are making her buy yet another copy of the same text book that I own the past two revisions of. Apparently SAD at Empire State gets the latest SAD textbook every twenty-four months from the publisher so that you can never, ever reuse one. Even when I took the second half of the class they changed between the first and the second halves so that you couldn’t even continue from one to the other. It has been some time since I took that class but we just knew that this would happen. Considering the book is like $150 it is pretty obnoxious. The real issue is the publisher coming out with a new edition every two years. How often do you need a new book like that? It is a good book and maybe there is some awesome new material in it but I find it unlikely. I couldn’t even tell a difference between the two versions that I own already.

We spent a bit of time today watching Monarch of the Glen Season Six that dad recorded for us off of the television. The last two seasons are not yet released here in the states (a major financial blunder demonstrating how clueless big media is to its market) on DVD and so the only way for us to see it here is to have dad record it for us. Our plan was to go out grocery shopping tonight on the shuttle but just before we were set to leave the building Oreo fell off of the futon onto the very unforgiving hardwood floor (uncushioned hardwood on concrete) and hurt himself quite badly.

So we spent the evening in the apartment looking after Oreo who can no longer put any weight on his rear right leg.  He is having a really hard time getting around.  So we just ordered in some Dominos pizza and spent the evening with the dog and watched more shows.

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