March 4, 2007

Today ended up being our day to babysit Oreo after he fell last night and can now barely walk.  We were very hopeful that he would be fine when he awoke this morning but that was not the case.  He spent the entire day walking on just three feet.  It is very sad but he seems mostly happy and perky.  He doesn’t act at all as if he was partilly immobilized.  But it is depressing to see him hopping along with a little puppy invalid.

Today was mostly a relaxing day although we decided that we just had to get a rug to put in the living room to keep Oreo off of the slippery hardwood so we took a trip up to Target and picked up a decent throw rug for the living room and managed, somehow, to get a parking spot at Chevy’s and had a late lunch.  We were able to take Oreo along in the car because it wasn’t so cold and he was able to relax.  We didn’t feel that we could leave him along at all in case he fell again which is very easy now.

Dominica did more studying for her A+ exam tonight and I filmed myself assembling a computer which I hope to use in a video for CCA.  Once you want to start filming anything you quickly realize how dark your home is.  We always know that it is a little dark but we like it that way most of the time so it isn’t a big deal.  But when you want to film something or to take a picture it becomes very noticable that this house is much darker than anyplace that we have ever lived before.  I have to buy a studio light to be able to do any real filming.

We watched more of Monarch of the Glen that dad taped for us.  We are through the sixth season and into the seventh and final season.  The new rug really adds something to the room and makes it a lot more comfortable in the living room for all of us.  It makes the apartment seem more homelike.

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