Menu Foods Knew That Their Food was Killing Your Pets

New news from Channel 4 NBC here in New York City says that after receiving numerous complaints of animals becoming sick and/or dying after eating Menu Foods manufactured pet foods the pet food manufacturer conducted an in-house test in which they showed a 14% fatality rate among dogs that were fed their contaminated food products.  For weeks after this test Menu Foods continued to manufacture known lethal dog and cat food and providing it to the ninety-one companies that relabel and sell their food.  It was not until the FDA received complaints of ten connected pet deaths that they stepped in and forced a recall of the contaminated food products (remember that many people also eat these pet foods and this could amount to manslaughter on behalf of the Canadian manufacturer.)

Seventeen of the top twenty pet foods sold in the United States came from Menu Foods and include brands such as those sold by Wegmans, Walmart, Nutro, Iams, Science Diet and many others.  It also has come to light that these companies are involved in horrible animal testing practices as well.  And some of these brands, like Nutro, claiming to be high end pet food manufacturers are using the same low end fillers and ingredients as the cheap grocery store brands.

But the worst part is that these companies KNEW that they were going to kill your pets.  It took weeks from the time that they knew for sure that their products were lethal until the FDA forced them to recall the products.  That means that they knew at a minimum in the first few days of March if not in late February that pets were dying.  They didn’t care and not only didn’t recall their products and not only didn’t stop selling their contaminated stocks of bad food but they continued to manufacture more contaminated foods!  Since they were testing internally and were killing their own dogs by early March it means that they probably had to know about the bad food for at least a month before that. That means that at very least since January they have been knowingly endangering and killing your pets!

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