March 18, 2007

We learned this morning that the company that makes Oreo’s dog food, Nutro, has instigated a recall of the food because of unknown contamination that has already killed a few dogs. We went through all of the cans that we had and none of the ones that we had on hand matched the list that they had published of known bad batches. The company is Menu Foods and they have a page to check to see if your pets have been eating contaminated food. Menu Foods makes over 48 brands of pet food – if you have a pet please be sure to check and make sure that they have not eaten any of this food. They do not yet know exactly what the problem is but the result can be kidney failure and death. It is critical that all pet owners check this list as it covers dog and cat foods from numerous big name companies. Be especially aware if your pet begins losing its appetite or vomits more than usual. [On Monday a new list was released from Menu Foods with even more items on it. Oreo is one of the affected dogs. 🙁 ]

Shortly after getting up this morning I heard the distant strains of bagpipes coming from our open windows (yes it is really that warm) and so I got my shoes on as quickly as I could and grabbed the camcorder and ran down to the street. The Newark Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was coming down Broad Street right past our building. I managed to video tape the entire parade from beginning to end – at least I think that I did. I am not a consummate cinematographer at this point and noticed later today that I managed to record an entire vlog entry with the camcorder completely zoomed in on my nose. How did I do that? I have no idea. I didn’t have enough time to grab the tripod though. That would have made for a much better video. But at least I managed to get something good. I have been wanting to make a video of some Newark local events for a while and I was glad to finally have the chance.

We went out to Walmart to do some shopping today. We were running low on some basics – namely water. We picked up some television shows on DVD as we have run out of everything at the house. We finished watching Jack of All Trades with Bruce Campbell this morning. We got a good collection including the first seasons of Bosom Buddies, Beauty and the Beast and Family Ties. We also got Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning which is probably awful but at least it should be cute.

After shopping we hit IHOP for some lunch since we were already out and about in the car. Otherwise it is too much effort to get the car to go out anywhere.

Dominica did some reading in her Systems Analysis and Design text book today.  Her class at Empire State College starts tomorrow.  She is really looking forward to this class.  It was my favourite at ESC.

I did some additional work on my RIT class but not too much.  People don’t seem to have gotten into the class much yet and my book will probably not arrive from Amazon until next week.

We watched Bosom Buddier and Family Ties before going to bed.  We went to bed early as it is back to the grind tomorrow morning.  I wasn’t very tired though so I watched Donnie Darko on my Creative Zen Vision W.

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