Nutro Lies About No Animals Affected By Their Products

Nutro claims on their recall information website that there are no reported cases of animals becoming sick or dying from consuming Nutro’s products that are a part of the Menu Foods recall.  This is completely a fabrication.  I have reported our dog’s illness to the FDA.  I also reported by phone to Nutro who was not taking calls at the time but instead claimed to send you to their answering machine.  But there is no answering machine – they simply disconnect the call.  I also contacted them, five times, via their web site’s email functionality.  I filled out the entire form giving them all of the information that they asked for.  Their email system does nothing.  It simply takes you to an error page telling you to try again or to call them.  They have disabled all immediate means of communications between any potential complaints and themselves so that they can continue to claim to their customers that their products were not actually affected by the tainted Menu Foods products.

Nutro is lying.  Stop buying Nutro products.

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