Oreo Update #3

Oreo was on the news in New York City again this morning.  He is becoming a famous dog.  We didn’t get to see it but the animal hospital told us.

At 8:00 Dominica talked to the technicians at the hospital and they said that Oreo was doing well and in good spirits.  He was still on the IV and the vet was due to make rounds fairly soon.  We would hear more then.

At 8:45 the vet called Dominica to let her know that Oreo’s blood work had come back okay and that his kidneys and liver appeared to be functioned more or less as they should.  He is still on the IV as they are still concerned, but nearly as much, about some impaired kidney functions but it would seem that he is not in any great danger at this point – very likely.  They need an additional urine sample before they can let him go because they need to know more about his kidney problems but they expect that he will be able to return to daycare either late this morning or this afternoon.

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