April 1, 2007: Trodain Castle

Dominica was up long before me this morning for a change. I slept in as I continue to attempt to catch up on missing sleep. It is cold in Newark again today. Not real cold. Not snow cold. But not warm like it has been.

This morning I took the opportunity to actually sit down and play a few hours of Dragon Quest VIII that I was unable to do yesterday. I put in maybe three hours. That was really nice to get to finally play that again. I was able to play enough that I was able to advance the story through the next “section” if you can call them that. I am now done with the first time through Trodain Castle which is considered one of the “dungeons”. I am still loving the game even now that I am about thirty-four hours into it. Dominica spent most of the time that I played watching from the futon. The game is so much like a movie that it can be quite addicting to watch as well. Although I tend to be really thorough when exploring the open spaces and it makes watching me play a lot more boring than when many other people play. The story tends to drag a bit as I make sure that I am not missing anything. But I like the slower gameplay. It is more relaxing and you get more game for your money. It also gives me a chance to enjoy the scenery and the score.

This afternoon Dominica, Oreo and I drove out west to go to Macy’s and to get dinner at Desert Moon Cafe. They have the best burritos of any chain that I know. The double stuffed tofu burrito con queso is hawesome. After that we hit Cold Stone Creamery next door for dessert.

This evening ended up being a little busy. I got paged out and had to work for about an hour supporting users in Tokyo. I almost never get a chance to support Asia. Most of my time is spent working with Europe so that was a nice change. Makes my job sound more exciting at least.

My new SSL-Explorer product that I got set up and working earlier this week died on me tonight. I have no idea what is wrong with that. I put some time in trying to fix that but eventually gave up. A new version of the software came out this weekend and I am just going to attempt to install that tomorrow when I have some actual time to work on it. The 3SP website that hosts SSL-Explorer had technical difficulties tonight so I couldn’t do the upgrade right away or else I would have tried that.

Both Dominica and I had homework due this evening so we both spent several hours working on getting that ready for submission. I am working really hard to keep up with the class and not turn in anything late. As long as I keep up it isn’t too much work at all. But it is hard to stick with it every day. Dominica is enjoying her Systems Analysis and Design class. I think that it is really giving her a better feel for more hard-core IT industry stuff.

I ended up working on SSL-Explorer and doing video compression and uploading until almost two in the morning. Friday is Good Friday and a bank holiday so I only have a four day week this week! Yay.

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