Do IT: Introduction to the Information Technology Industry

Information Technology, IT, is one of the most dynamic, varied and interesting career choices available today. IT is about much more than simply “working with computers”. IT is a career in “change management.” Everything about the IT industry involves constant change making every day hold the potential for something new and exciting. The industry is young – constantly evolving and reinventing itself.

IT offers a variety of career options ranging from the “hands on” paths including deskside support and server technician, customer service related tasks such as operations and help desk, technical support roles like network and systems administration, engineering positions like network and system engineering, software developing roles from web applications to system programming, creative roles like web design, etc. IT is generally highly technical while being infused with opportunities for social interactions and a high degree of creativity and critical thinking.

Because of the incredible variety that exists in the IT field it creates possibilities for working in a wide range of tasks that allow for career growth and advancement while avoiding boredom and stagnation. IT is an ideal career path for people who want to constantly strive to better themselves and are highly self motivated. IT is an extremely large field unto itself and is involved with all other industries which creates unique, blended, industry specific IT career paths in addition to pure IT disciplines widening the field even further. Popular specific blended IT career paths include hospital and medical care, IT management, financial and banking, security, government, sales and marketing, engineering and CAD, etc.

Information Technology is exciting and diverse. It is a growing field offering new jobs year after year. Currently there is a global need for qualified IT professionals and in the United States there is a significant shortage of candidates. IT offers opportunities through technical and management paths and many long term career goals. IT provides variety and endless challenge. IT, through its nature state of constant change, makes for continuing excitement.

More articles on the IT industry coming soon.

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