April 25, 2007: Dinner in Edison

I actually beat Dominica home from work last night by a few minutes. She got home and I hopped into the BMW and she drove up to Clifton to do a little shopping and to get dinner. We ate at the Shannon Rose which is a new Irish Pub style bar and grill up there. The food was excellent – we both got fish and chips. And the service was good. But they had the radio cranked so loud that we couldn’t talk to each other and the food took forever. I doubt that we will be going back. It is just too expensive to eat in those places if everything isn’t perfect.

After dinner we did some quick shopping at Target. Today just happened to be the release day for new DVDs and today The Drew Carey Show and WKRP in Cincinnati both came out in their first seasons on DVD. So we grabbed those. Target is also having a special promotion with the food network and they are selling some really good programming for just ten dollars if you can find any. We found that everything except Rachel Ray is sold out.

We came home and watched the pilot of WKRP and were off to bed. I listened to some older SGL Podcasts from Disney World for about an hour before falling asleep. Oreo was completely exhausted. At daycare today they said that he found a sunspot on the floor and just layed down and slept for half the day. He has never layed down at daycare before. He must really be tired. But he had a full five day at daycare week last week and the week before and then we took him out walking on last Saturday and this Sunday so he really got some exercise before going right back to daycare. It was like putting in two six day work weeks in a row. And the one Saturday that he got at home I wasn’t home so he probably didn’t sleep as well as normal as he was worried about why I wasn’t home on a weekend day.

I was up and at’em this morning. I was awake around four twenty but decided to stay in bed and continue to recharge. Then I pulled myself out of bed at six thirty and went right down to the gym and worked out for a little over half an hour. Instead of watching television I have been listening to SGL in Disney World to brush up on what we liked and didn’t like while we were there. It is really cool being able to go back and listen to that stuff. I am really glad that we did that. While I was gone Dominica got up and took her shower. She doesn’t have to leave so early today as Oreo has a nine o’clock doctor’s appointment in Rutherford for his blood work. So he is enjoying a lazy morning. I can tell this morning that he is still very tired. He will be very happy when he learns that he gets to stay home this Thursday with me.

Traffic was bad going into the office again this morning. Not nearly as bad as it was yesterday but still not the way that it should be. And, once again, there was no reason why it was slow. Just a region of really slow moving traffic and then nothing.

I am a lot less tired today than I have been the last week or so. I guess that I am starting to catch up a little on my sleep. And getting to the gym got my blood pumping this morning so that probably helped too. I really hope that I manage to keep getting up early and getting out to the gym. That is a great way to start the day. I don’t want to fall back to getting up late this week since I am doing the early shift next week again. Switching back and forth isn’t really good for me so best not to do that.

Dad was able to get a new battery into the Mazda 6 in Geneseo today and he said that the car ran great. That is a relief. It has been sitting for a long time. Close to eight months I think.

Today was pretty slow. I have a backlog of work that I just kept plugging away at. The office was quiet. Nothing really significant happened all day.

I took off a little earlier than normal today – but still later than normal people. I am driving home to Newark and picking up Dominica. We are then driving down to Edison, NJ to meet some friends formally from the office and we are going out to dinner on the legendary Oak Tree Road which I have heard so much about.  We are trying out Mithaas.
I discovered today that HP has finally released an AMD based tower server in their ML family. It is a 100 series server which is not what I would have hoped for as I prefer 300 series servers but it will meet my needs. I was going to get an Intel based ML350 G5 to use as a storage box but the new ML155 has an Opteron processor and is about half the cost. This is a great machine for small business although I would prefer if they were to make the more flexible ML355 to match the Intel ML350.

I will be home tomorrow with Oreo.  I expect that Oreo will be sleeping all day.  He really needs a day off.  As do I.  I haven’t had a work from home day in two weeks nor a full weekend so I am really looking forward to not having to travel tomorrow.  I don’t get a work from home day again next week so Oreo and I are going to be that much more tired again by next weekend.  Tomorrow will give me some time to clean before dad comes down on Friday.  He is coming down to Tannersville on Friday and then I am picking him up and bringing him into Newark on Saturday where he is staying for the weekend.

Dominica started listening to our podcast from Disney today at work.  I think that she is excited about doing the podcast again while we are down there.  The shows that we did from there turned out really well.  It will be really fun to do them as a team again.  Maybe I can figure out some way to get better sound this time.  The one microphone that we used was not very good. I wish that there was a way for us each to use USB headphones like I normally use.  That would be great.

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