April 5, 2007

Today is my work from home day. And it begins a stretch of four days without having to go into the office. Very nice. Although I am working from home all day today, doing a little tomorrow and even have to do scheduled work on Saturday morning. But at least I don’t have to drive into the office to do any of it.

Today actually ended up being pretty slow as it is the last day of work leading into a really long weekend. A lot of people took the day off and even those who were in the office weren’t seeming to be doing all that much. So I got to lay low and relax a little today. I was at the computer all day but not doing back breaking stuff.

I did get a chance to squeeze in just a tiny bit of Dragon Quest VIII today. Not a lot but just enough. I was playing when Dominica got home and she watched me play for another hour. So maybe I got two hours at most in today.

We ordered in from Food for Life and Min ran over to grab the food. I tried the fajita for the first time. It was quite good. I did lunch there this afternoon too.

We finished watched the first season of Family Ties and then it was off to bed. The second to last episode of the first season is one of the ones that I remember best – where Mallory has to learn what SCUBA stands for to help Alex on the High School Quiz Off. I remember watching that like it was yesterday. I almost completely remembered the entire first season. There wasn’t a single episode that I didn’t know. I am not sure if I ever even watched Family Ties in reruns or if I only watched it when it was still coming out. But I am positive that I haven’t seen the show since 1989 when it went off the air. It amazes me how familiar the show is. I can practically quote it!

It was off to bed early for us tonight. I am really looking forward to my holiday day tomorrow.

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