April 6, 2007: Good Friday

It’s my day off. Whatever that means. Oreo and I got to sleep in late today. It was cold in the bedroom and so he was very snuggly and wouldn’t let me get up until a quarter to nine. That is the latest that I have slept in on a weekday in a very long time. It was nice.

My goal for the day was to play a lot of Dragon Quest VIII. I got started nice and early after checking my mail and making sure that no one needed me by the time that I had pulled myself out of bed. My allergies flared up horribly today. It was one of the worst allergy days that I have ever had. It was awful.

I managed to play several hours of DQ8 today. Oreo laid by my side or on the futon beside me all day. It was a nice day interrupted only by my allergies. It was really nice to get to relax for once. I really enjoyed my day. I did have to do just a little bit of work today but it wasn’t too much.

Dominica got home and I was pretty much ready to go head out for Frankfort but work needed me to hang around for a while. Min and I were ready to head out the door by minutes after six but we got stuck in Newark for a long time. We got stuck for so long that we popped in Bosom Buddies and Dominica made dinner. So much for leaving early.

It wasn’t until after a quarter after eight that we were finally able to get on the road. Over two hours of just sitting around waiting for the go ahead on five minutes of work. So much for arriving in Frankfort early. We were all set to be there by ten!

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