April 30, 2007

I am back on the early shift this week so I had to get up at twenty past five this morning. It wasn’t that bad though. I felt pretty good when I got up.

Windows Server codenamed “Longhorn” and also referred to at times as Windows Server 2007 but without an official release name as of yet was released this morning in its first public beta so I ran right out and downloaded the ISO image of the DVD so that I could try it out.

Today was a mostly slow day. Not all that much going on. I left work around three thirty. It is a gorgeous day today. Spring must be here for real now.

I played some guitar when I got home – for about two hours. In some ways it is really strange to be playing the guitar again after not playing more than once in seven years and in other ways it seems like I never stopped playing since I started playing in 1983.

Dominica came home and felt like ordering in Italian so we called Nino’s and had them deliver.  We watched some WKRP in Cincinnati and then some Good Eats.  Dad got home at four this afternoon.  It was an early night for us.  I have to be up early in the morning.

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