May 14, 2007: Jamestown Turns 400

We got into 1180 Raymond around two in the morning. Boy were we ever tired. This entire weekend has been exhausting. Tonight it has really caught up with us. When we got in we found out that we are finally getting our mail room keys so that we no longer have to be handed our mail but can get it any time by going to our own mail box. That is really nice. We have been wondering what had happened to that since we were told that we were “getting the keys any day” in like November or December of last year.

We got up to the apartment and were asleep as fast as we could get into bed. It is another short night for us.

Getting up this morning was pretty painful. Dominica slept in until seven and I didn’t get up until after seven thirty. We were both in quite the rush this morning. But we needed all of the sleep that we could get.

My commute into work took a really long time today. Normally my drive is just twenty-five to thirty minutes but today there were two accident on Interstate 78 West and it took me over an hour and twenty minutes to get to the office.  That was a big pain.

Today begins the office “weight loss pool”.  There are nine people at the office who are all competing over a period of ninety-one days to see who can lose the most weight.  It is not by total weight but by percentage of weight lost.  We are each putting in $100 and the winner gets the pot minus a few “alternative” prizes.  So the total to be won is $900 but the grand prize is only $700 I think.  So as of today there is no more good food for me.  Nothing but exercise and carb free protein meals.  Ugh.  It is going to be a long summer.

I am very anxious to get home and see Oreo.  Having been away from him for four days is way too long.  Our plan is to go home tonight and just relax and let our feet heal from all of the blisters that we got while we were in Florida and hang out with Oreo.  We are sure that he will be glad to see us but probably totally exhausted after spending so many days at day care without any break.  We have the sixth season of That ’70s Show to watch which is really cool because I am pretty sure that neither Dominica nor I have seen any of these episodes yet.

I will be starting to put together some of our Disney videos soon.  It will take a while to go through all of the material.  I have about four hours of MiniDV tapes to wade through!

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  1. You don’t know me, but I wanted to stop by and say nice blog! I was doing random Google searches for “1180 Raymond” (since I was considering moving there in a couple months, and wanted some reviews/testimonials about living there) and a few of your blog posts came up. I gotta admit reading your posts about the rats and fire department pranks have already started to give me second thoughts. If you have any time, please send me an email at [email protected]. I’d like to talk to you more about 1180 (and the city of Newark in general, since I’ve never been there). – JD

  2. I was looking at your blog and noticed your title about Jamestown. Back in 1957, just a week or two after the queen had visited, my family visited the new Jamestown as part of our vacation. After reading in the “Weekly Reader” for weeks about the big event with the ships and the newly rebuilt fort, we were really excited about visiting it. Grandma would have been 42 and dad 40. It was a fun time. It is neat that the queen made it back again 50 years later. Back then they were really sure they had built on the exact spot of the original fort but now we know they missed the mark. The one corner of the fort is actually covered by the river now. – Dad

    [Ed. – Posted by Scott as dad sent this to me in email but I thought that it was more appropriate added to the site.]

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