May 15, 2007: Farmer Day

Scott Adams informs us today that the actor who played Scotty on Star Trek who had his ashes sent into space didn’t make it into space but ended up in a forest somewhere. This is what you get for being weird and extravagant even after you have died.

I slept in until seven thirty this morning. I just couldn’t get out of bed while Oreo was being all snuggly. It is so good to have our dog back! I also just needed to catch up on some sleep. This was the first full night of sleep that I have had in almost a week.

Last night we did pretty much nothing. We just relaxed and watched the sixth season of That ’70s Show. I was right that we have not seen any of these episodes yet at all. We are really enjoying that.

Today marks the fortieth anniversary of the video game console. Pong was released on the Ides of May, 1977.

Some students have released an eBay Toolbar for Firefox. eBay is probably not very happy since they have been working on a toolbar of their own. But, rumor has it, that the student made toolbar is nicer than the one that eBay is planning on releasing. Talking about taking the wind out of your sails.

If you ever needed proof that people just aren’t smart enough to use computers (or anything else apparently) you need to check out Drive By Download.

I got home at a reasonable time tonight and actually beat Dominica home since she went out shopping before coming home. She got home and we watched some more of That 70s Show while I cooked dinner. Yes I made dinner tonight. I did a crushed (not ground) peppercorn, mustard and chipotle broiled salmon which was delicious. It was my first real food of the day. Yesterday I only had Kashi cereal and green beans. I also had green beans tonight.

At eleven I went down to the gym and worked out for thirty five minutes. Now the exercising begins. It is all downhill from here. After my workout on the eliptical machine I hit the steam room and then it was off to bed. My first full day of dieting has been successful.

Weight Lost So Far: 3lbs

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