May 17, 2007

Finally Oreo and I get a real doggie-daddy day! We have really missed each other recently. So I slept in a little this morning and skipped my morning workout so that Oreo and I could get some time together before the work day started and so that my body could heal a little after working out three times recently. But I still plan to go work out tonight. I can’t completely take the day off!

The weather is really nice in Newark today. Oreo slept most of the day. He has a lot of catching up to do after spending so much time at daycare.

For lunch, Abdul and I went over to Food for Life. It was hard for me to eat and stay on my diet. I got the broiled salmon, green beans and sauteed cabbage. Not all that different from what I prepare at home but I am pretty sure that I make it a bit leaner. It was good though but I will have to work hard to burn that off tonight.

I did some cleaning around the apartment this afternoon. It really needed it. It is so easy to let the mess get completely out of hand if you don’t stay on top of it every day! It felt good to get some good cleaning in.

I also did some video transfers to get the last of the Disney video material moved over to the computer so that I can begin doing some editing of the footage. Maybe I will be able to have something for you over the weekend.  Our .5TB drive is now just about full and we have to quickly contemplate forward looking storage solutions.  We have had to start deleted less important video footage and have stopped prepping videos for our portable players as there is just no where to put it all.

Dominica came home and was very happy that I spent a few hours cleaning.  She cooked herself dinner which I just skipped being still full from lunch.  We watched a the end of the sixth season of That ’70s Show and then watched two episodes of Arrested Development.  Then I actually convinced Dominica to go down to the gym with me!  She did twenty-five minutes on the elliptical machine and I did thirty-five.  Then it was time for bed.

Weight Loss So Far: 8lbs

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