May 16, 2007: Day Three of the Dieting

I got up at six this morning and headed on down to the gym. I was really tired after having exercised so late last night but it has to be done. I didn’t quite manage to do thirty five minutes today coming it at around thirty-two and a half minutes. But it wasn’t bad. I worked up a good sweat and I will be ready to go a little longer tonight I hope.

It is a warm day in Newark today. Eighty-five degrees. It sure doesn’t feel just six degrees cooler than Florida was over the weekend. In Newark I can comfortably stand outside in my slacks and dress shirts but in Florida it was unbearable in shorts! Severe thunderstorms expected tonight. has announced that it too has partnered with EMI to release the entire EMI catalogue in MP3 form free of DRM constraints! This is another big boost for the music industry. Whoo-hoo.

Josh is coming down on Monday and spending the night in Newark. This will be Josh’s third time visiting us in Newark. Only Susan has been to our apartment more!

I will be working from home tomorrow – it has been a while since I got to do that. Things have just been so busy. Hopefully there will not be any fire drill. That would be awful. Especially with my blown eardrum. (My left eardrum ruptured or something on our last trip to Disney in 2005. It has improved but never really healed. On this last trip it because much worse making every ride in Disney so loud that it caused distortion and severe pain. Any loud sound is really painful including if I laugh or sing or talk on the telephone loudly. I can’t use a telephone with my left ear either.)

For my readers who think that I have been overly harsh on Dell for being misleading and having the worst customer service ever – the New York Attorney General is suing Dell for exactly those things. The official filing press release from the state of NY is clear on what they feel the issues are and is well worth a read.

Today was relatively busy but not too bad. I am really looking forward to my extra Oreo time tomorrow (it is like Extra Magic Hours in WDW!) We haven’t had a quiet day together in a while. Tonight the plan is that I will be cooking salmon for Dominica and I again. Some DVDs and I have to do my homework to wrap up my Master’s class at RIT.

Weight Loss So Far: 6lbs (1/2 Stone)

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