May 18, 2007

I managed to do forty minutes on the elliptical machine in the gym this morning before heading off to the office. I am slowly getting there. I hope to be able to do forty-five minutes twice a day by Monday. That is my goal for this week.

In science news today, astronomers believe that they have discovered a plant with a high likelihood of being “earth like” in size, temperature and composition. The planet is only twenty light-years away from Earth which means that a journey of just forty to fifty years could get us there if modern engine technology pans out. This is the best opportunity yet for life as we know it to potentially exist in space besides ourselves or for us to put life onto. The planet is expected to be tidally locked with one side burnt and continuously facing the sun and one side frozen and always in darkness with a temperate zone existing along the band of continuous twilight. In a tidally locked planet of this nature it is also expected that the dynamics between the light and dark sides of the planet would cause high winds that would help to regulate the planet’s temperature.

Today was moderately busy at work.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Dad is pretty sure that he has managed to sell the leather couches that I have had since Josh and I got our first apartment in Greece back in the ’90s.  They were awesome Natuzzi leather couches.  They were $3,000 when I first bought them!  That was a fortune back then.  They were the first furniture that I owned and were a treasured possession.  They got a lot of use too.  The moved with me from Greece to Ithaca (three different apartments there) and then to Geneseo.  They were put into storage two months ago and we really don’t see much chance of Dominica and I needing them again any time soon.  It just makes more sense to sell them.  Dominica has never been all that thrilled with the fact that they are paprika anyway.  The colour was great – spicing up the drab apartment that Josh and I first had but now they are difficult to match to anything.  Those couches have been my primary furniture for a third of my life!  I can’t picture the apartment in Greece without imagining sinking into that comfortable leather and watching the awful 56″ rear-projection television that we used there.

It is Friday and as I often am I am stuck at the office quite late.  I am hoping to have a chance to leave by seven.  It is going to be a short night.  Dominica has promised to go to the health club again with me tonight.  She is currently finishing off the junk food that we have in the apartment and then, next week, she will start onto the South Beach Diet again.

Weight Lost So Far: 8lbs

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