May 19, 2007: Shopping at Whole Foods

I had to get up this morning and work for an hour or so remotely for the office so I didn’t get to go to the gym absolutely first thing in the morning like I am supposed to do.

Dominica went with me to the gym this morning. This is her third time going this week! I did forty minutes today and then we came back to the apartment for our lunch of egg whites and broccoli that we ate while watching Arrested Development.

We went grocery shopping this afternoon to Whole Foods.  This was my first time at Whole Foods and I was really impressed.  The selection was awesome and they have a huge selection of organic produce and good fish and a lot of items that we have been unable to find in other places like clotted cream and quinoa.  The one thing that I don’t really like is that they are really big on organic foods which are often better than foods not-labeled organic but the entire organic labeling system is a scam as all plants are organic and all plants actually consume is inorganic (except for CO2 from the air or in water) and labeling things as organic or inorganic is incredibly misleading and designed to be so.  The purest, safest produce is made completely inorganically.  Organic processes are more likely to require pesticides and fertilizes and will attract more pests and diseases.  The entire system is design to fool the population who remember nothing from high school chemistry and understand nothing about botany or agriculture – which is almost everyone.  But high prices for organic food is where the money is.  (This isn’t to say that a lot of food labeled organic isn’t great – just that the labeling and marketing system is complete bunk.  Plants eat salt and nothing else.  Salt is not organic.  Period.)

We spent the evening relaxing.  Not much to report for today.

Weight Lost So Far: 8.5lbs.

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