May 21, 2007: Victoria Day (Canada)

I got up and did some cleaning before hitting the gym this morning. I did over forty-five minutes today which was my target number for today. It felt really good.

I learned over the weekend that it is a common myth in the United States that burritos are from Mexico. In fact, burritos are an all-American food that the Mexicans are just now beginning to eat as they begin to flow south over the border. In Mexico, going out for burritos is going out for American.

While we are at it, French Fries are from Belgium, not France.

Dominica started her South Beach diet again over the weekend and is down over five pounds already. She has decided to go with me to the health club at night too which will make it easier for me to go everyday. Working out twice a day is a massive commitment!


I got home and Dominica, Josh and I all went out to Food for Life for dinner.  I did my best to stay close to my diet while eating delicious FFL.  After dinner we came back to the apartment and tried to figure out what to do for the evening.  Francesca ended up calling Dominica to talk about the new dog that they “got” – it wandered into their garage and just stayed.  So while Dominica was on the phone Josh and I decided to go out for a drink.


Our plan had been to walk over to the Theater Square Grill at NJPAC but the Key Club at 58 Park Place caught our eye and we decided to stop in there instead.  We stopped in there for about an hour and a half and enjoyed some very tasty martinis in a very nice setting.  I am excited to have a nice supper club right around the corner from the apartment.  Josh and I also ordered some catfish nuggets to try out their appetizer menu.


Weight Lost So Far: 9.5lbs

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