May 22, 2007: Working in Manhattan

No sleeping in for me today.  I got up at seven and headed on down to the health club to get in my morning workout.  I did forty-five minutes and felt really good.  I would have done more but I don’t have enough time this morning because I need to get into Manhattan.  I got back and showered and got ready for work.  I said good-bye to Josh as he is flying back to Rochester this afternoon and then I walked out to hit the road.


Getting to work in Manhattan is so easy.  I had a nice walk down to Penn Station and was able to hop right onto the PATH.  I got into the WTC and met a friend who had flown in from Belfast for the week on his holiday.  He works with me almost every day and is in New York on his holiday and he wanted to see the New York office so I changed my schedule and came into Manhattan today.


We got some good exercise walking from the WTC up Greenwich to the office.  It takes probably twenty minutes to cover that distance.  It was a little warm this morning.  But it was good additional exercise.  That is one thing that I really enjoy about coming into Manhattan is that I get a chance to walk in Newark and then a chance to walk in New York and often chances to walk throughout the day.  It is much healthier doing things in cities than it is doing things in the country.  It is so much easier to get exercise.


Today was a slow “work” day but there was a lot of stuff going on that kept taking my time.  Because I was in Manhattan a lot of people wanted me to go to meetings and to meet people that I never get to see.  But it makes for some real variety in my day.


Weight Lost So Far: 11lbs

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