May 26, 2007: Travel Day

Dominica and I did not manage to get to bed last night nearly as early as we had wanted to and so I didn’t wake up this morning until eight! I got right up and went on down to the gym for my morning workout. I did forty-five minutes and then came back up to the apartment for my shower and to get ready to leave. Dominica had showered while I was in the gym and packed while I was in the shower.

By the time that we did all that, got the car packed and were ready to leave it was getting close to eleven in the morning! Our idea of “first thing in the morning” isn’t very early. Although we have no way to pack the car early and part of the reason to stay back another day was to give me a chance to hit the gym two more times and Dominica once which we did. Missing the gym at this phase would be very bad for me. Dad has a treadmill but it will be harder to work out there and I don’t know how much I can do on a treadmill yet.

We left Newark and almost immediately discovered that traffic was horrible. We lost more than an hour just between Newark and Scranton! It was stop and go traffic almost the entire way. Then the road cleared until about twenty miles south of Binghamton where we hit completely stopped traffic and lost almost another hour! It was awful.

Because of the bad traffic we ended up needing to run straight to the Millens’ to meet them for dinner instead of going to dad’s house first and then going over to Livonia. We ended up making it right for five o’clock. We stayed at the Millens’ until around eleven at night. I haven’t seen them for over a year! Not since February or March of 2006 I am sure. That is crazy. Being in New Jersey has really cut me off from everyone except Josh who comes down and visits on a regular basis. The Millens’ even have a new baby since the last time that I saw them. I missed seeing Amanda through her entire pregnancy even!

We got to dad’s around eleven thirty and hung out for about an hour before going to bed. Tomorrow Dominica will be spending the day working on her Systems Analysis and Design homework for Empire State College and I will be going through stuff that dad has stored in the barn so that we can cut down on the amount of stuff that he is storing – we hope. Dad said that the leather couch and loveseat have officially sold and just haven’t been picked up yet. So that is a bit of storage going away. This is the first that we have seen his garage completely full of our stuff. Boy do we have a lot of stuff.

Dad managed to get all of Nathan Parker’s pictures from our trip to Washington, DC in 1993 for Close Up scanned and ready for me to upload to Flickr. I am excited about that. All of my pictures from Close Up were lost when my Olympus rangefinder 35mm camera was accidentally left behind in the hotel room when we returned to New York. It was very sad. So Nate recently lent me his pictures from the trip so that we could add them to the Flickr site so that that wouldn’t get lost.

Tomorrow night Dominica and I are going to the Silver Lake Drive-In with the Ralstons and the Parkers.

Weight Lost So Far: 12lbs

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