May 25, 2007

I found out from Michelle Nicklin today that Phil Kreibel – aka Dr. Redbag – passed away on Tuesday night. Phil was the Director of Operations at Nicklin Associates during part of my tenure there. We spent a lot of time working together in Washington. Eric worked with him quite a bit too as Eric reported to him for a while. I haven’t gotten any details yet about what happened. Phil and I got together last summer after I had moved down to New Jersey and we had drinks out on the Long Island Sound in the Bronx. It was the only time that I had ever been to the Bronx. We were planning on getting together again sometime soon. It has only been several weeks since we last spoke.

It is a hot day in New Jersey today. Yesterday evening began to get quite warm and dad said that it was in the low nineties yesterday in Pavilion, NY. It is not supposed to hit the nineties today here but it is supposed to get close.

Did you know that in 1939 Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize even as World War II was well under way?

Today was a slow day at the office. With the long weekend coming up there is very little going on. Everyone is leaving early to get started on the holiday weekend.

Dominica and I decided that we are not going to drive up to Pavilion tonight and are instead going to use tonight to do laundry and cleaning and things that need to be done around the apartment and we will head for Pavilion as soon as I am done working out in the morning. This is good as it keeps me from missing two cycles of working out which would not be good for me at this point.

Our plans this weekend include hanging out with the Millens on Saturday night and then going to the Silver Lake Drive-In with the Ralstons and Parkers on Sunday night. Monday afternoon is a picnic at dad’s house. The rest of the weekend will be spent going through all of the stuff that dad is storing for us as we attempt to thin it out and throw out as much as possible.

Total Weight Lost So Far: 12.5lbs

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