May 30, 2007: Oreo’s Birthday Party

We don’t know Oreo’s birthday or even how old he is but we decided that his birthday would be in late May to celebrate the day that we first got him. As he is a lover of birthday parties we couldn’t possibly let him go without having one at daycare. So today is his birthday party day. He is going to have so much fun. We have had Oreo for two years now.

Dominica assembled the desk that we brought down last night and it is ready to replace my current desk. Unfortunately my computer was in use all night doing downloads of CentOS 5 so we were unable to shut it off in order to put the desk into place. So that will have to wait until tonight. But at least the desk is ready to go. I haven’t had a real work surface for a whole year! Dominica’s new desk should arrive in a few days too so I won’t be the only one with a good desk.

We watched some of the American version of The Office. People kept telling me that the American version was better than the British version and that just because I thought that the British version was crap that I would still like the American. Nope. The American version is like a word for word, but poorly delivered, clone of the original show. It was crap in England and it sure isn’t good in Scranton. The American version might be better if they were compared side by side but since the British version was at least original and the American version is just a pale copy I can’t say that the American version is any better.

I went down to the gym and worked out for over an hour while watching Así es la Vida in Spanish. It was a good workout which was important since I missed my workout yesterday morning. After working out I was unable to sleep and ended up staying up for a few hours before going to bed.

I woke up on my own this morning after just four hours of sleep. I was out of bed by six thirty and off to the gym. My feet were hurting this morning so I only ended up doing forty-five minutes which was probably best because I needed to get out the door and off to the office.

My schedule got changed this week and instead of working from home tomorrow, on Thursday, I am going to be in the office tomorrow and I will be working from home on Friday instead. Chris is coming out from Long Island tomorrow and we are going to do lunch. Chris is my weight loss coach.

Oreo had an awesome time at his birthday party today. As the special birthday dog he got to sit on the birthday chair and get special treats. He even made a dive for his birthday cake and managed to get his nose it the icing before they got it away from him so there is a really cute picture of him with icing all over his nose. After they brought him down off of the birthday chair he lept right back up deciding that he wanted to stay in the special chair.

The birthday party favours from his party are really cute and we got a really nice “refrigerator collage” from the party that we put right onto the fridge. There are a ton of really cute pics of our boy. He was still wired and very happy when he got home. And he really enjoyed his new birthday binky which is a musical cow toy.

Dominica cooked her own dinner tonight and I ran over to Food for Life to get mine.  I had managed to get the desk that we brought down from Pavilion set up and in place before Dominica got home.  Boy is it nice.  I forget how great it is to have a nice work surface.  Dominica’s new desk is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow too.  The apartment is going to be pretty packed until we manage to ship the two desks that we were using previously back up to dad’s.

We watched Music & Lyrics this evening which we are borrowing from dad.  I also spent the evening working on my first Ruby program.  I didn’t get very far but that is because I am trying something pretty tricky right off the bat – connecting to and reading email from a production IMAP server using IMAPS/TLS which is where it seems to be having problems.  But I am really impressed with how easy it was to get a lot done quickly with Ruby.

I went to the gym before going to bed and put in another hour.  It was a good workout.

Weight Lost So Far: Approximately 11lbs, no weight in today.

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