May 31, 2007: Free Food Day

All parts should go together without forcing. You must remember that the parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you. Therefore, if you can’t get them together again, there must be a reason. By all means, do not use a hammer. — IBM maintenance manual (1925)

I got up at six thirty and hit the gym for forty-five minutes. I am starting to get into this routine and it isn’t too weird anymore. I can feel myself getting stronger and doing longer times in the gym isn’t a big deal anymore.

It was a fairly normal day at the office. The boss took a bunch of us out to lunch which was pretty cool. Other than that nothing exciting to report.

I got home minutes ahead of Min and just as we were preparing to go up to the apartment we ran into a number of friends from 1180 heading over to the Theater Square Grill which was having their Grand Opening invitational event for the locals to go hang out and enjoy free food, drinks, dancing, etc. We had totally forgotten about the event but had been intending to go. Dominica is very behind on her homework and really needed to get some of it done but weekday evenings are very tough for that – by the time that you get into whatever project you are trying to do it is time to go to the gym and get off to bed. So we talked about it and she decided that it would be better to go to the event.

Dominica ate dinner before going over to the Theater Square Grill – that took about an hour. So it was around seven thirty when we got over to the restaurant. We hung out there until closing time. We had a really good time visiting with our neighbours that we almost never get to see. It is weird for me living in a building with so many people. Hundreds of people live in the same building. It is a weird concept for us country folk.

After we left the grill we all decided that we would go back to 1180 and hang out for a while. Having a lounge in the building is awesome at times like these. We just headed to the second floor and chilled for several hours in the lounge which is very comfortable. We all changed into pajamas and we brought down a few bottles of wine. It was a lot of fun. Dominica went to bed around eleven thirty. The rest of us stayed until almost two. It was a rather late night.

So by the end of the day I had managed, without any planning, to eat for free all day! Cool.

Weight Lost So Far: 11lbs

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