May 4, 2007: Disabled Clone War Veterans

I had a dream last night that my cell phone, which I use as an alarm clock, was turned off and that I didn’t wake up in time for my early shift. I need to wake up at five in the morning to make it into the office and in the dream I didn’t wake up until eight. That wouldn’t actually happen since Dominica gets up around six thirty. Then I woke up suddenly when I realized that my cell phone actually was turned off (and charging) and that there was not going to be any alarm. Luckily it was just after four so everything was fine. I had another hour to snuggle with Oreo who was laying beside me with his head on my pillow.

Bob Crissman on Welfare

Someone sent me this picture today. Now I want to know who can see this picture and not think of Bob Crissman? I mean seriously.

Yesterday it was reported in Slashdot that Google, the company claiming to do “No Evil” has one of the vilest NDA or “Non-Disclosure Agreements” in the industry. Or of any industry. The agreement is so stringent that once you INTERVIEW with Google you may never discuss them again. You cannot even discuss the NDA. You can’t do anything. If you get a job there you can’t put it on your resume or talk, ever, about your job experience or projects that you have worked on. In fact you will be saddled with a big, unexplainable blank on your resume. And the NDA lasts forever. So you can’t talk about it for the rest of your life. No wonder Google is so concerned with hiring good people. They can’t even get good people to interview there since anyone worth their paychecks won’t even consider signing something like that. There is too much at stake. And once you know about the NDA you realize that no one, that is NO ONE EVER, can say anything bad about Google. No wonder they are rated the best place to work. It is a crime to say anything about them that they have not approved. So of course every employee communication is a glowing report – it is filtered by management. One guy interviewing there yesterday posted some details of the NDA before going to the interview. I can’t believe that this guy was so desperate for work to go through with the interview anyway. I used to think that working for Google could be really cool but now I would never even remotely consider it. And NDA like this suggests, and practically proves, that everything that we have ever heard about Google is completely lies.

So far I have been pretty unimpressed with Obama but today he requested that all Presidential debates be licensed under the Creative Commons license which suggests that me just might have more of a clue than I gave him credit for. I still don’t appreciate him attempting to become president based on his race rather than on his platform but at least he has something going for him.

Raymond Chen reports that customers are more honest than employees.

I am leaving the office at three thirty this afternoon but have to work from home some this evening because it is Friday. Dominica worked through her lunch and is leaving work at her normal time. She will be studying tonight as she only has this weekend to get ready for her A+ exam. To add to the stress, the test expires in just a few weeks so she has to get through it very quickly.

We are staying “home” in Newark this weekend. A whole weekend to relax. That’s a nice change.

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