May 5, 2007: Study Day for Dominica

I thought that I slept in quite a bit this morning but later realized that I had gotten up just after seven! Dominica thought that she had slept in a really long time because I was up for so long before she and Oreo got up but she was up just after eight. Normally on Saturdays we get up and have just enough time to get ready and to run to Food for Life to make it for breakfast. Today we were up, showered and ready to go several hours before they even open for breakfast so we had some time to kill.

After breakfast Dominica spent the day working on her A+ exam.  She did some practice tests off of her practice CDs and then we spent some time with me asking her questions and going through the answers with her.  We broke up the studying with episodes of Good Eats with Alton Brown from the Food Network.

For dinner we just ran over to Food for Life and ate there.  We took along some study material and I kept asking Dominica more questions while we waited for our dinner.

Not much of a Cinco de Mayo party for us.

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