May 6, 2007: The Bride of Olneyville Square

Today Dominica was actually up earlier than me. She must have gotten up sometime around seven thirty or maybe a little earlier. Oreo and I were up before eight. For a change I cooked breakfast this morning. I made Dominica’s almost famous scrambled eggs and soyrizo (soy chorizo) dish. It was very good. Sauteed onions and green peppers, some rosemary, olive oil, seven eggs and a whole package of soyrizo. Mmmm. I think that it needs eight eggs though to balance out correctly.

Today is the big homework and study day for the two of us. We both have assignments due today and today is the last weekend day before Dominica has her A+ exam on Wednesday.

Congratulations to Joe Howlett whose daughter was born on Friday.

In ongoing issues with the US Army: Four US Army Soldier are arrested for looting in a Kansas town destroyed by a tornado.

We spent the day working on homework and then Dominica’s A+ stuff. We both had a lot of homework to do today so that took us well into the afternoon. At six thirty I left to run into Manhattan. My friend Helen Highfield from back in Ithaca is starring in The Bride of Olneyville Square and tonight is the only performance that I can make it to at all. Dominica wanted to go and had originally planned on it but with the homework and studying that she has to do there just isn’t any way that she can squeeze it in. So I am stuck going alone.

I had to take NJ Transit into Manhattan instead of the Path because I was heading uptown rather than downtown.  The theatre is up at 340 East 54th Street.  I almost never go up there.  It is a part of town that I don’t know very well.  NJ Transit ended up taking forever.  I got to the train station and watched two Path trains leave while I was waiting.  It took me almost half an hour to catch the train.  That didn’t work out very well.  Then once I got into NY’s Penn Station it took ten or fifteen minutes before I was able to catch the metro up to 53rd and Lexington so I was running really late by the time that I even got off of the trains.  🙁  I came out of the subway and discovered that I was in the station in CitiGroup center which I have barely ever seen in person.

The show, The Bride of Olneyville Square by Edward Allan Baker was quite good.  I really enjoyed the performance which was excellent.  Helen had a very major role and did an amazing job.  I am glad that I went although I did not manage to see Helen after the show – I didn’t have any time to wait around as the show ran until after ten.  With the late night train schedules it was closing in on midnight by the time that I got back to 1180 in Newark.  Dominica was already in bed and I went to bed very quickly.

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